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Ed Wheeler

Old fashioned, humble, romantic, compassionate all around gentleman and good guy.  That best describes General Ed Wheeler . Yes, GENERAL Wheeler.  Our own CHS grad who was only one of 21 to graduate of 230 who began Officer Candidate School (OCS) in 1959 at Fort Hood , Texas , and  who was commissioned  a Second Lieutenant in the Oklahoma Army National Guard in 1960.

Yes, he went on to become a Brigadier General in command of a
2,000-man Task Force in the Persian Gulf War of 1991. After he returned all 2000-troops home safely, he hung up his uniform ending a 35-year military career which he began as an 18-year old private.

Yes he started as a Private, became a Private First Class, but was
busted back to Private TWICE.  Wow … busted twice back to Private and then went on to become a General.  Hey … now that’s an enlisted man’s GENERAL!  Hats off from a fellow Oklahoma Army National Guardsman who spent 7 ½ years in the same 45th division as a PFC!

Yes, this bio will be a little longer than usual, but we have a true hero in the eyes of many here.  However, Ed says he is nothing near a hero.  He says classmate John Getgood is a true hero.  John graduated from West Point in 1960, served in Viet Nam won two Silver Stars and five Bronze stars from two separate tours in Viet Nam .  We have got to find and get a bio on CHS hero John Getgood !

Ed ’s best days at CHS centered on other people, especially Sally Plumer who was the first girl to ever notice him, and Bo Map es who flew across the auditorium stage on a rope dressed in tights.  Sally was his first love and he said he married a girl just like her (what a romantic!).  As in Sally’s bio, he says the relationship was entirely spiritual and would you believe  … they both saved their first kiss for their spouses (yea sure … we believe you).  By the way, Bo has promised a bio soon.  Bo is a church administrator in El Paso , TX .

Gads … Ed’s worst moments is what we fear most … appearing on stage at CHS during a poetry assembly and forgetting the poem, but having the nerve to make one up right on the spot, even if it did not rhyme (yes, Ed we all remember this and promise to make fun of you at the next reunion).

Perhaps we remember that Ed was in the rifle club at CHS.  He received a scholarship to Texas AM because he was such a great shot and actually qualified for the Olympic Team.  With his Army career he has attended many service colleges, and has a BA, MS and MA.

Ed retired from two corporations as a corporate official and now teaches History, Government and Geography at Tulsa Community College .  He did not advise us in his notes but many of us remember that he was a professional speech writer for members of both political parties at one time.  Was Ed political?  Darn right.  He was once President of the Young Republicans at TU … before it was popular to be a Republican in Oklahoma !

He says his wife was a member of CHS class of 1958 and they met while students at TU.  He and Marcia Jane Largen wed in 1963 and were married for 33 years until cancer took life on November 4, 1996 , 25 days before her 56th birthday.  They had one son, Brian, who  graduated from West Point , Class of 1990; OU Law, Class of 2000, spent two combat tours in Somalia , East Africa and recently returned from Iraq .

Hey Ed … any hobbies?  Why yes, Fred, combat rifle and pistol target shooting, white water rafting, skydiving, scuba diving, mountain climbing, weightlifting, horseback riding, gun collecting, motorcycle riding, rodeos, writing books and articles for publication and teaching.

What have you done in your spare time Ed ?  Well Fred , I just wrote a book entitled “Doorway to Hell: Disaster in Somalia .” 

How is your health Ed ?  “Great, Fred,  because its against Army regulations for me to get sick,” he laughed.

Is Ed a hero in CHS terms.  That is only for you to decide.  Tell him what you think at the 50th reunion.

Last updated 01/06/16